The RFICM 360° Digital Advantage™

Using cutting edge technology RFICM has created a digital platform for clients to access project information in real time to provide a clear picture into the status of the project.

Step One  – Strategic Development /
Goal Setting

  • Meeting with the board to listen to the association’s needs to establish project goals
  • Complete a property assessment to identify existing conditions and logistical concerns
  • Determine initial budget and potential funding resources available through RFICM

Step Two  – Project Planning / Scope Review / Bidding

  • Development of plans and specifications for your construction project
  • Perform site walk with contractors for bidding purposes
  • Complete the competitive sealed bid process from RFICM’s prequalified trade specific contractors

Step Three  – Cost Analysis / Contracts

  • Review of the contractor bids and provide a comprehensive bid analysis for contractor selection
  • Qualify the contractor’s current insurance requirements for the project
  • Review and respond to the contractor’s agreement

Step Four – Managing the Project

  • Pre-construction – Establish rules for the contractors and the job site
  • Procurement – Review the planning and schedules to start the job effectively
  • Construction – Manage the contractor’s performance, budget, and schedule
  • Close-out – Provide project warranty information for ongoing property maintenance