RFICM specializes in Homeowner Association Construction Management.  Our services provide your Association with the confidence in knowing that the construction project undertaken will be completed using “Best Practices” and that the selected contractors are performing the contracted work.

Why is there a need for Construction Management?

For years the term “Industry Standards” has been used by contractors, but what exactly does that mean.  For the most part it translates to construction at the minimum standards in both quality and specifications which inevitability produces substandard results.  With a construction manager on your project you will know the contractor is being held to the current building codes and standards and that your project will be built using proven building methodologies.

Why not hire a contractor to do the job without a CM project?

Hiring a contractor directly is always an option although it is not always in the best interest of the association.  A Construction Manager is truly the association’s representative in the construction project.  Since construction and contracts are generally not an expertise that the board of directors has, relying on the Business Judgment Rule to shift that liability to a Construction Manager is the prudent decision.

The other important issue to consider is the challenge that general contractors face with the lack of a qualified work force.  Overall, the downturn in the economy has affected the construction industry and construction companies have had a hard time keeping qualified staff.  This has caused contractors to use outside labor or sub-contractors to complete the project.  Now the association has multiple contractors completing the construction project which leaves gaps in the construction process and compromises the proper installation of complicated building systems.  Hiring a Construction Manager will guarantee that this will not take place on your project.

RFICM’s value is providing the proper scope and protocols for all the contractors to adhere to during the construction process.  RFICM implements inspection protocols with “check points” throughout the duration of construction which provides verification that the contractor’s work-force is performing to our standards.  Our management services also include competitive bidding, contract review / negotiation, resident notifications, scheduling, pay applications, lien releases, punch-lists, and warranty binders.

RFICM’s builds value one step at time.  We understand that your construction project will have multiple levels and will not be completed overnight.  That is why our commitment to advanced technology is a key to our success.  We provide you with real time access to your construction project through the RFICM 360° Digital Advantage.

Homeowners Associations Supporting Business Services

Reserve Studies

Required by law, an HOA requires that Reserve Studies are provided to the Association with a budget for the Maintenance and replacement of building components. Boards are able to use RFICM while on site to review current Reserve Studies and provide a true working plan with a new reserve study for future work.  These services will allow a long term pro active approach to assist the Association in future constriction projects and proper budgeting needs.

Construction Defect Consulting

RFICM’s role in construction defect litigation consulting includes cost estimating, sufficiency analysis, and settlement negotiations. These services help direct the clients to the best strategy for a full recovery. Once the lawsuit is completely litigated the transition from Expert Witness to Construction Manager is a smooth process with the RFICM team in place to start the reconstruction process.

General Construction Advisors

Through this website, clients will be able to log into the Client area and have access to advisors on construction related questions. Managers and will be able to snap a picture of a construction related issues and through the Web be able to request advice to solving the construction related problem.